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Unaudited / 
Management Financial Statement

Business Analyzed

As part of the compliance requirement set out under Companies Act sections 201 (2) and 201 (5), Directors are responsible to present and lay before the company, at its Annual General Meeting, the company’s Financial Statements, which in essence the financial position and performance of the company.

We at Averie provide yearly unaudited or management financial statement to our SME clients for the purpose of compliance as set above. But aside from compliance, the client will benefit to see the whole year of their business progress and development and furthermore helps to form a business analysis when comparison made from prior year’s report. The client also will be kept informed and up to date with new accounting standards introduced during the year that will affect the presentation of company’s financial position and performance.

In gist, having a set of financial statement is having a summary of all company’s business activities that has occurred to bring about increase or decrease of its net worth during the year or for a period.  

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