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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

What are SHG funds?

SHG stands for Self-Help Group. SHGs were established to provide support and assistance to low-income households and underprivileged individuals within the Chinese, Eurasian, Muslim, and Indian communities in Singapore. These Self-Help Groups include CDAC, ECF, MBMF, and SINDA.

The CPF Board collects SHG contributions on behalf of these groups. SHG contributions are deducted from employees' wages as a means of funding the initiatives and programs carried out by the respective Self-Help Groups. The aim is to uplift and empower individuals and families in these communities through various forms of assistance and support.

self help groups

In Singapore, there are four Self-Help Group (SHG) funds that cater to specific communities:

1. Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) Fund:

This fund is administered by the CDAC and provides assistance and support to the Chinese community.

2. Eurasian Community Fund (ECF):

The ECF is administered by the Eurasian Association (EA) and focuses on providing aid and services to the Eurasian community.

3. Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund (MBMF):

Administered by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Muis), the MBMF supports the development of mosques and provides educational and social assistance to the Muslim community through Mendaki.

4. Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) Fund:

The fund is managed by the SINDA, aims to uplift the Indian community by providing various educational, social, and economic support initiatives.

Who should contribute to SHG funds?

Employees who belong to the specific communities mentioned below are expected to contribute to the respective Self-Help Group (SHG) funds:


Employees who are:

  • Singapore Citizens or

  • Singapore Permanent Residents and

  • belong to the Chinese community.

2. ECF

Employees who are:

  • Singapore Citizens, or

  • Singapore Permanent Residents, and

  • individuals of both European and Asian ancestry (as defined in their identity card) and belong to the Eurasian community.


Employees who are:

  • Singapore Citizens, or

  • Singapore Permanent Residents, or

  • foreign employees and

  • are working Muslims in Singapore.


Employees who are:

  • Singapore Citizens, or

  • Singapore Permanent Residents, or

  • Employment Pass holders and

  • belong to the Indian community. This includes individuals of various ethnic backgrounds originating from the Indian sub-continent such as Bangladeshis, Bengalis, Parsees, Sikhs, Sinhalese, Telegus, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Goanese, Malayalees, Punjabis, Tamils, Gujaratis, Sindhis, and others.

SHG Contribution Rates

CDAC rates
ECF rates
MBMF rates
SINDA rates

Source: CPF Board

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